Sunday, April 29, 2012

Painting Small Images

The answer may seem obvious why I paint small images -

When I first began painting, the instructor started me with still life on very large canvases, usually 16 x 20. I painted in black and white for 6 months! When I finally understood value, I was able to paint in color. It never bothered me to paint this way until I found it taking a long time to finish something. I worked full time and was raising my children... not much time left for painting.

When I started doing smaller studies, I found a new energy to paint more and improve my skills and it seemed to go a little faster - exploring color harmonies and use of tools was more easily understood. I also knew this would be a great way to prepare for larger images.

I've discovered that these small images are very very popular - people love to give them as gifts. They are very affordable and bring a little bit of original hand made art into the home.

- the results are gratifying.

Cup o' Rouge
6 x 8 Oil on Canvas Panel
© 2010

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