Monday, January 07, 2013

Welcome 2013 - the year of miracles!

This first post of 2013 is huge for me... and I will explain why shortly.

First, I am grateful for getting through the holidays without a single dysfunctional episode, and lots of pleasant ones. I'd also like to welcome 2013 and all the wonderful possibilities it has to offer.

Now why is this post is so eventful? Well, I have been working on a painting for 3+ years for a friend, and I am declaring it finished. She asked me to paint her daughter riding her favorite appaloosa gelding and I said yes!

So why three years you ask - Well I hate to go back on my word for any reason short of illness or death, but I didn't see the reference material before I agreed. Since I couldn't take new photos - you see the horse is galloping in the heavens, and her daughter is now a grown woman (BTW, all that happened before I said yes). So in my frustration, I have been looking or supplemental resources to get some kind of assistance to make it happen. The challenges range anywhere from finding the right angle for the horse because most of his facing side in the photo was in shadow, to no detail in the girl's face and the photo image was taking away from the subject. There were power lines running through the scene and the color was way off. Help!!!

Rocky and Gina - SOLD
12 x 16 Oil on Stretched Canvas
2010 - 2013

Along this journey, I started the painting at least four times and did several thumbnails to find a pleasant workable arrangement. I finally decided to just go for it and treat it as an illustration and not worry about being precise. The color harmony has him looking a bit more like a blue roan rather than a red roan, but it works with the color harmony. I had to exaggerate the color in other areas too. Donna, my friend, thinks it is perfect, and what it represents is priceless.

I am so grateful to Donna for her patience and understanding. It looks better in person than in this jpg image, and I am including a frame for her to show my appreciation.

Happy New Year and welcome 2013 as the year of miracles!

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