Saturday, June 09, 2018

The Awakening Artist - Innocence, Madness, Awakening

"The New Emerging Consciousness"
28" x 72" (71 x 183 cm), Oil on wood panel.

by Patrick Howe
I recently read a book entitled The Awakening Artist by Patrick Howe. It travels through art history as it relates to man's evolution and his/her connection to the creative spirit,  as well as the interesting influences it has had on art. This spiritual perspective is a point of view I found intriguing.

The book gives examples of the changes in art movements as it relates to man's development reviewing the way the arts were used by early humans (Innocence), later viewed as a craft in service to the wealthy (Madness), and currently how artist’s today use it as a platform of self expression and commentary (Still a bit of Madness), but movement towards Awakening.

As a result of reading this book, I learned there is an obscure movement that began in 2014 for today's Awakening Artist  - Enter Post Personalism. Think of it as transcending the ego - what image may bubble up from beingness without any other label. There are practices in society like stream of consciousness for writers, or meditation to calm the monkey mind, that might be related as well, but the intention is a bit different.

In visual art there is a divergence of style, meaning the work isn't about the style of the maker, it's about the content and the use of a style to fit.

Here are a few links and artists that can be included in this movement. There are more examples and at the historical roots of the movement mentioned at the website for Post-Personalism.

Agnes Martin 1912-2004
Origins in Color Field Painting and Minimalism
She might be considered a tap root to today's concept of Post Personalism.

Patrick Howe
Co-founder of Post Personalism
Talented Writer and Art Instructor

Christopher Gassper
Co-founder of Post Personalism

Here is another article on what is and isn't Comparative Analysis on Post Personalism.

There are a couple related local shows coming up:
  • Post Personalism Project show, opening August 4th, 2018 at A/NT Gallery, in Seattle. 
  • The Awareness Show, November, 2018 at the Space Gallery, in Seattle. (more info soon)
  • Three more events in the works for 2019, still in planning stages. 
No one knows if this will take off into something that will have a strong influence like color field painting and minimalism or other modern day movements. Seems like quite an interesting challenge to express 'beingness and oneness' visually without the perspective of observing and connecting generally to the creative spirit.

It appears to me visual artists are attempting to show the evolution of consciousness in partnership with the creative spirit. I'm inspired by the idea. I hope they find success. Time will tell...

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