Saturday, April 30, 2016

Study in Grays and a Pop of Color

It seems like I am always looking for new affordable learning opportunities so I'm in my exploration mode and reading a lot as a source for inspiration. 

This painting was just one of those 'what ifs', and wanted to share it here on the blog. The 'what if' was using mixtures in black and white with a bit of color to see if it went dead or not.

I tested the printing on a flat notecard and the color in the background came out much more purplish, but okay for the price!

So now, I've been looking at it for several weeks trying to decide what to do with it. 

I like the neutrals with the intense red color for the visual interest, and will probably try a few more with a variety of intense color spots. 

Study in Gray and Red Berries
8" x 8", Oil on Stretched Canvas

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Oil Painting Inventory on eBay Auction

Oil Painting Inventory for Sale

I have been away almost a year tending to life's demands.
This usually happens because of fear of consequences if I do not tend to something that could go terribly wrong. Without going into any more explanation than that, I always am relieved to come back to my painting. Now it's time to start sharing a few paintings that are sitting in my studio that might be of interest to someone.

BTW: the photos are not very clear due to a lens problem, and will update when I get better images.

The following are posted for auction on ebay this week. These rose studies were painted exploring the use of different colors on my palette and experiencing the difference between silk and real flowers. The smaller paintings  are best suited for a table top easel.

Title: Late Bloomer - SOLD

Title: Hurry Before They Wilt - SOLD

Title: Just Like Liz's Cobalt Kitchen Vase
Donated to Fundraiser for Village Steps

Title: Red Silk Roses - SOLD

Title: Yellow Silk Roses - SOLD

Thanks for viewing.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Illusion of Space in oil painting - #3

Hate when I get distracted (aka easily fascinated by other stuff), but I finally completed a vertical format for my studies on the illusion of space. I am getting a feel for the importance of temperature and values on a new level.

This image is the most dramatic in value contracts, and I'm ready to move onto another area for awhile to let what I've discovered process sub-consciously.

Pewter and Yellow Roses
9 x 12 Oil on stretched canvas
© 2015
When I look at what others have painted and notice the elements of art used within an image, I find it doesn't stick in my mind unless I spend time trying to implement some of those points of discussion. Not all of the following is used in this painting, but some of the more obvious things to consider for the illusion of space are:

• Size matters - when objects are too large, there's no breathing room for space to exist.
• Values - mid tones behind darker objects gives the illusion of space behind the objects.
• Intense color in an object moves the viewer's eye back into the picture plane.
• The format influences composition and how space is perceived.

Thanks for viewing...

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

The Illusion of Space In Oil Painting - #2

Finally finished the second painting on the illusion of space. The painting turned out really TIGHT again… painting over several days seems to have that effect of my painting. However, it has the quality of painting that some folks really like. (the first painting is here.)

A couple things came up during this effort:
One being the choice of objects used are artificial, but from life, and from reference photos. Never mixed the two image resources before just wanted to see what might happen. It was more difficult
than one might image.

Anyway, the last image was horizontal, this one is square, with cool lighting for warmer shadows. The next will be a vertical format - subject to be determined but probably a still life to be consistent.

The other thing that came up was somehow I missed seeing a flaw in the canvas - this was a problem when trying to keep the background smooth and obscure… consequently I covered it with a rosebud that looks like it matches the peaches… guess my imagination got confused, but decided to leave it.

So the point of the painting was 'space'. Using it and giving the illusion of it - while there is a sense of it, the square format seemed to  cause limitations. I'm thinking the objects could be a bit smaller and perhaps painting more loosely would help this one too.

Illusion of Space 2
12 x 12 Oil on Stretched Canvas

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Stylized Portrait of Angel for Daughter

I actually painted this a few weeks ago, but didn't post because it was a surprise for my daughter. (Ahem... Once a Mom always a Mom.) 

My (adult) daughter lost her kitty last year around Christmas time, and I know how difficult it was for her. The little painting made her smile...

I started the idea back in January, and finally had to accept that my photo reference was not all it could have been for a black kitty with a white chest. It was taken in flat lighting, and I just couldn't get any descriptive details from it so I had to settle on a stylized version.

5 x 7 Oil on Canvas Panel
© 2015

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Copyright, Imitation, and Culture

What's your point of view on copyright laws and appropriation for your own artwork?  I know I do enjoy painting an occasional master copy, and find it very valuable to developing my own skills. I am not talking about something that crosses both a legal and ethical line like plagiarism.

I happened to find this thought provoking TEDtalk… on this very topic that presents an argument in favor of imitation.

Here's another interesting article discussing copyright protection of an entire culture!

I have feelings in favor of both sides even with my own artwork and images. I know whenever I did a project for a corporate client in graphic design, it was a given that they owned the results, and I always felt okay with that arrangement. I often see my design work on the side of trucks and billboards even to this day (from some 12+ years ago) and have to admit I feel a little bit of pride in a good way that they are still using those images.

However, I tend to feel a different emotion when I do my fine art images… maybe it's because it is  more personal, but I would still see it as a compliment if someone likes it enough to copy it.