Sunday, April 26, 2015

Stylized Portrait of Angel for Daughter

I actually painted this a few weeks ago, but didn't post because it was a surprise for my daughter. (Ahem... Once a Mom always a Mom.) 

My (adult) daughter lost her kitty last year around Christmas time, and I know how difficult it was for her. The little painting made her smile...

I started the idea back in January, and finally had to accept that my photo reference was not all it could have been for a black kitty with a white chest. It was taken in flat lighting, and I just couldn't get any descriptive details from it so I had to settle on a stylized version.

5 x 7 Oil on Canvas Panel
© 2015

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Copyright, Imitation, and Culture

What's your point of view on copyright laws and appropriation for your own artwork?  I know I do enjoy painting an occasional master copy, and find it very valuable to developing my own skills. I am not talking about something that crosses both a legal and ethical line like plagiarism.

I happened to find this thought provoking TEDtalk… on this very topic that presents an argument in favor of imitation.

Here's another interesting article discussing copyright protection of an entire culture!

I have feelings in favor of both sides even with my own artwork and images. I know whenever I did a project for a corporate client in graphic design, it was a given that they owned the results, and I always felt okay with that arrangement. I often see my design work on the side of trucks and billboards even to this day (from some 12+ years ago) and have to admit I feel a little bit of pride in a good way that they are still using those images.

However, I tend to feel a different emotion when I do my fine art images… maybe it's because it is  more personal, but I would still see it as a compliment if someone likes it enough to copy it.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Second Pass - the Illusion of Space in Painting

The last post was an overview of the first pass on a painting that started with the idea of space. Not thinking just one painting, but a series at different points of view - high, middle, low.

Finally finished up the second pass on the first painting and ready to move on. Actually learned some things that made me more aware of what I was looking at vs what I should be painting from the setup.
I will try to provide more examples to compare to better explain this last statement in my next post.

The selection of objects can most certainly influence the results. The complicated design on the vase was more difficult in some ways that a plain one, and found myself getting caught up in the details; the busyness of the table top in someways helped balance this. Also adding the shadow of the large rose seemed to improve the balance in the composition as well.

I followed through with the adjustments to the background (lightened the left side of the vase), and foreground (lit the table top more); I also softened some edges. I think it improved the goal of describing the illusion of space a little bit better than the first pass, but I'm getting a bit weary on this so it's time to set aside and begin anew.

Untitled (Space One)
9 x 12 Oil on Canvas Panel
© 2015