Sunday, April 26, 2015

Stylized Portrait of Angel for Daughter

I actually painted this a few weeks ago, but didn't post because it was a surprise for my daughter. (Ahem... Once a Mom always a Mom.) 

My (adult) daughter lost her kitty last year around Christmas time, and I know how difficult it was for her. The little painting made her smile...

I started the idea back in January, and finally had to accept that my photo reference was not all it could have been for a black kitty with a white chest. It was taken in flat lighting, and I just couldn't get any descriptive details from it so I had to settle on a stylized version.

5 x 7 Oil on Canvas Panel
© 2015


  1. I think the stylized version is quite contemporary - perfect for a daughter. I know mine would love it. I have a feeling you captured the essence of Angel...and the ball says to me, Angel loved to play.