Sunday, November 03, 2013

Christmas Card Landscape Sketch

I very much want to paint something for printing my own Christmas cards this year. The thought is for it to maybe be something that could be hung anytime of year. The following is the first quick sketch done for this goal.

You might be thinking that a yellow sky is unlikely for an evening/dusk scene, but that the imagination of it, and I kinda like the harmony. This is not the completed image, only a start... it is a composite of photo resources and imagination. I want to add something, but haven't quite settled on what(?).

Should it be something figurative, or something holiday related even though it would be counter to 'hung anytime of year'?

Will sketch out a couple more ideas before I make a final decision. Better get out to the easel!

Thanks for looking!

Prelim Sketch - Winter Landscape
9 x 12 Oil on Canvas Sheet
© 2013