Friday, August 24, 2012

Life's Crushing Influences vs GRIT

Pear, Mums Blueberries
8 x 10 Oil on Canvas Board
© 2010 (cropped) SOLD
I recently came across a couple videos - and they got my attention. One is answering the question why kids loose their curiosity and achieve below their abilities in so many cases. In my opinion, this doesn't just happen with studies in Science and Math, but in all areas of learning.

As most of us know, it is even more often seen in the Arts - the  first to go in school budget cuts, etc. Art has to be one of the greatest areas of opportunity for nurturing curiosity - yet how it is perceived and taught in so many cases minimizes its importance for optimal life experiences.

Our life path as artists can be a constant struggle to push through these crushing influences and create anyway. The second video talks about 'GRIT' found on a recent post by The Stuck Creative. As I see it, our job as Artists is to persevere (develop GRIT) while creating beauty and finding ways of making it even more interesting for ourselves and others.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Painting New Ground

Pun intended - noticing that many daily painters use a pre-primed gesso board, I thought I'd see what the result would be like painting without canvas or linen on commercially prepared gesso board.

Three Not So Pink Lady's - NFS
6 x 6 on Gesso Board

In my early days as a beginning painter, I use to take fiber board and gesso with multiple layers leaving a texture for the paint to grab onto. The look and feel of these commercially prepared boards is slick compared to linen or canvas or my own gessoed boards, and has the look of old world paintings. This isn't surprising since the old masters painted this way using similar materials.

Overall, it was worth the effort to gain some understanding of the material. Since it was a very rough study, I don't plan to post this one for sale unless I touch it up a bit, and do more paintings using these boards.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Defining Space for Studio Campagna

Powder Room
35 sq ft studio
I am so very excited!! Some of you know I've been using my powder room as a studio space for almost a year now since I moved to my new home. Fortunately it isn't too tiny as powder rooms go, but too tiny for working comfortably, and so I've been dreaming of a larger studio space.

I considered the spare bedroom like I did at the old house, but I decided that it needs to be reserved for guests this time. (Both homes have 2 bedrooms.)

One of the best things about my new home is the attached double car garage that is just on the other side of the powder room wall.
420 sq ft studio
They are insulating on Monday so my challenge today and tomorrow is getting the things still in the garage, and still not sorted since the move, out of the way for the contractor. Of course a garage sale is in the near future, but that won't happen this weekend.

The temperature in the garage the past few days has been as warm as the outdoors and sometimes warmer. In the winter last year, it had the burrrrr factor where you can actually see your breath.

Going from 35 sq ft to 420 sq ft!!! OMG _ that is 12 times more space!!! The bedroom studio was about 150 sq ft, so I am really feeling blessed. It won't be exactly a pretty space since it will still have storage shelves exposed and it's where I do the laundry, but I'll be comfortable and have enough area to set up more than one project at a time, etc. I will even have room for a few students when I am ready to teach again, or invite a few friends over to join me for a day of painting...

One more benefit is that I will be able to finish the remodel in the powder room - painting the walls, install a new sink and toilet, and new flooring. The sink will be handy for cleanup since it is right next to the garage/studio - hmmmm, I think I'll go with a deep bowl stainless.

So as I said in the beginning - I am so very excited!! Hurray!! YES!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Water Soluable Oils

I haven't tried water soluble oil paints yet because I haven't heard much good about them in terms of workability. However I came across this artist review of the Daniel Smith WSO's and now I may have to try them.

When I get this accomplished I will post the results with my experience. In the meantime, here's a video that talks a little more about these paints:

I often order through the online art supply sites, however, we are very fortunate here in the Northwest to have a Daniel Smith outlet store. They carry a huge product offering that you can feel and touch before buying. Of course you can purchase many brands at our other stores like Seattle Art, Dick Blick and Utrecht, but they don't carry Daniel Smith brand products. Dan Smith also has a catalog for ordering from longer distances.

So if this product is as good as they claim, I want to know about it. BTW, they have a 10% off promotion on these right now.

Monday, August 13, 2012

'Where is the dang signup link?!

I worked in the technology industry for all of my past work life; and was one of the first designers to embrace the computer for graphics. However, spending time on the computer everyday, doesn't make me an expert by any means. I am sure most of you will agree technology is sometimes very confusing.

So my point is that I've been writing blog posts for a bit now and thanks to someone who who took a peek, it was called to my attention that I was missing a link and/or widget for anyone who might want to follow.

Seems so silly now, but I'll just bet this is the best time to add this feature since I am finally more comfortable actually writing and posting to my blog.

A huge thank you in advance for everyone who enjoys the posts and of course I always look forward to your comments.

One Peachy Rose
6 x 6 Oil on Canvas Panel
© 2012

Sunday, August 12, 2012

It's Back to Work

Ready to dig in and paint again...

 Red Plums
6 x 6 Oil on Canvas Panel
© 2012


After a garage sale, a movie marathon, shopping for new clothes, visiting the library, craft day - creating a dream-board, riding a tractor, and going to a concert in the park, my granddaughter has gone back home, but want to share a few photos of our time together.

  Cooling off with paper plate boats after the garage sale.

Craft Day included play-do fun. 

 Day at the Park.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

A Special Time

Everyday is special to life in some way. Currently, I invest a lot of hours working either on and in my Art Business or helping people buy and sell Real Estate. However, for 10 days in August, I will be enjoying time with my granddaughter. We have lots of things planned to do - swimming, visit the library, help with a garage sale, and of course I have a few surprises in store for her.

Tennies for a Princess

I have to admit that I am going to take advantage of her adorable looks, wonderful personality and spirit and capture it in photos to maybe use later for paintings! Maybe I can talk her into posing for just a little while as a live model... is this too devious of me?