Saturday, August 18, 2012

Defining Space for Studio Campagna

Powder Room
35 sq ft studio
I am so very excited!! Some of you know I've been using my powder room as a studio space for almost a year now since I moved to my new home. Fortunately it isn't too tiny as powder rooms go, but too tiny for working comfortably, and so I've been dreaming of a larger studio space.

I considered the spare bedroom like I did at the old house, but I decided that it needs to be reserved for guests this time. (Both homes have 2 bedrooms.)

One of the best things about my new home is the attached double car garage that is just on the other side of the powder room wall.
420 sq ft studio
They are insulating on Monday so my challenge today and tomorrow is getting the things still in the garage, and still not sorted since the move, out of the way for the contractor. Of course a garage sale is in the near future, but that won't happen this weekend.

The temperature in the garage the past few days has been as warm as the outdoors and sometimes warmer. In the winter last year, it had the burrrrr factor where you can actually see your breath.

Going from 35 sq ft to 420 sq ft!!! OMG _ that is 12 times more space!!! The bedroom studio was about 150 sq ft, so I am really feeling blessed. It won't be exactly a pretty space since it will still have storage shelves exposed and it's where I do the laundry, but I'll be comfortable and have enough area to set up more than one project at a time, etc. I will even have room for a few students when I am ready to teach again, or invite a few friends over to join me for a day of painting...

One more benefit is that I will be able to finish the remodel in the powder room - painting the walls, install a new sink and toilet, and new flooring. The sink will be handy for cleanup since it is right next to the garage/studio - hmmmm, I think I'll go with a deep bowl stainless.

So as I said in the beginning - I am so very excited!! Hurray!! YES!!

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