Monday, August 20, 2012

Painting New Ground

Pun intended - noticing that many daily painters use a pre-primed gesso board, I thought I'd see what the result would be like painting without canvas or linen on commercially prepared gesso board.

Three Not So Pink Lady's - NFS
6 x 6 on Gesso Board

In my early days as a beginning painter, I use to take fiber board and gesso with multiple layers leaving a texture for the paint to grab onto. The look and feel of these commercially prepared boards is slick compared to linen or canvas or my own gessoed boards, and has the look of old world paintings. This isn't surprising since the old masters painted this way using similar materials.

Overall, it was worth the effort to gain some understanding of the material. Since it was a very rough study, I don't plan to post this one for sale unless I touch it up a bit, and do more paintings using these boards.

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