Monday, August 13, 2012

'Where is the dang signup link?!

I worked in the technology industry for all of my past work life; and was one of the first designers to embrace the computer for graphics. However, spending time on the computer everyday, doesn't make me an expert by any means. I am sure most of you will agree technology is sometimes very confusing.

So my point is that I've been writing blog posts for a bit now and thanks to someone who who took a peek, it was called to my attention that I was missing a link and/or widget for anyone who might want to follow.

Seems so silly now, but I'll just bet this is the best time to add this feature since I am finally more comfortable actually writing and posting to my blog.

A huge thank you in advance for everyone who enjoys the posts and of course I always look forward to your comments.

One Peachy Rose
6 x 6 Oil on Canvas Panel
© 2012

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