Friday, August 24, 2012

Life's Crushing Influences vs GRIT

Pear, Mums Blueberries
8 x 10 Oil on Canvas Board
© 2010 (cropped) SOLD
I recently came across a couple videos - and they got my attention. One is answering the question why kids loose their curiosity and achieve below their abilities in so many cases. In my opinion, this doesn't just happen with studies in Science and Math, but in all areas of learning.

As most of us know, it is even more often seen in the Arts - the  first to go in school budget cuts, etc. Art has to be one of the greatest areas of opportunity for nurturing curiosity - yet how it is perceived and taught in so many cases minimizes its importance for optimal life experiences.

Our life path as artists can be a constant struggle to push through these crushing influences and create anyway. The second video talks about 'GRIT' found on a recent post by The Stuck Creative. As I see it, our job as Artists is to persevere (develop GRIT) while creating beauty and finding ways of making it even more interesting for ourselves and others.

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