Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Graphic Design

The following samples of my design/production project work have been mostly for corporate/industrial markets. However, I strive to keep my design work and ideas appropriate to the market I'm serving based on content and audience. __________________________________________________________________
This is an ad layout to kick-off a new series of tractor equipment.

This is a sample of a 24 page booklet for the King Conservation District that was distributed throughout King County for landowners with livestock. You can still acquire a copy by calling 425-277-5581.

Helac 12 page product catalog describing the uses and specifications of a new actuator.

Invitation piece for AWC - Women in Communications' yearly event.

Teeter Inversion Table Brochure - When finished it is on a staggered fold sized at 9" x 11".

I will add more as I get things converted...thanks for looking. RC

Friday, April 25, 2008

Let's Begin

Today is the first day of posting to this blog.
This is the first image I am sharing which is NFS, but one of my favorites.

I am hoping to paint two small images per week that will be for sale later this year.
Thanks for viewing...