Wednesday, May 06, 2015

The Illusion of Space In Oil Painting - #2

Finally finished the second painting on the illusion of space. The painting turned out really TIGHT again… painting over several days seems to have that effect of my painting. However, it has the quality of painting that some folks really like. (the first painting is here.)

A couple things came up during this effort:
One being the choice of objects used are artificial, but from life, and from reference photos. Never mixed the two image resources before just wanted to see what might happen. It was more difficult
than one might image.

Anyway, the last image was horizontal, this one is square, with cool lighting for warmer shadows. The next will be a vertical format - subject to be determined but probably a still life to be consistent.

The other thing that came up was somehow I missed seeing a flaw in the canvas - this was a problem when trying to keep the background smooth and obscure… consequently I covered it with a rosebud that looks like it matches the peaches… guess my imagination got confused, but decided to leave it.

So the point of the painting was 'space'. Using it and giving the illusion of it - while there is a sense of it, the square format seemed to  cause limitations. I'm thinking the objects could be a bit smaller and perhaps painting more loosely would help this one too.

Illusion of Space 2
12 x 12 Oil on Stretched Canvas