Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Illusion of Space in oil painting - #3

Hate when I get distracted (aka easily fascinated by other stuff), but I finally completed a vertical format for my studies on the illusion of space. I am getting a feel for the importance of temperature and values on a new level.

This image is the most dramatic in value contracts, and I'm ready to move onto another area for awhile to let what I've discovered process sub-consciously.

Pewter and Yellow Roses
9 x 12 Oil on stretched canvas
© 2015
When I look at what others have painted and notice the elements of art used within an image, I find it doesn't stick in my mind unless I spend time trying to implement some of those points of discussion. Not all of the following is used in this painting, but some of the more obvious things to consider for the illusion of space are:

• Size matters - when objects are too large, there's no breathing room for space to exist.
• Values - mid tones behind darker objects gives the illusion of space behind the objects.
• Intense color in an object moves the viewer's eye back into the picture plane.
• The format influences composition and how space is perceived.

Thanks for viewing...