Sunday, February 28, 2016

Oil Painting Inventory on eBay Auction

Oil Painting Inventory for Sale

I have been away almost a year tending to life's demands.
This usually happens because of fear of consequences if I do not tend to something that could go terribly wrong. Without going into any more explanation than that, I always am relieved to come back to my painting. Now it's time to start sharing a few paintings that are sitting in my studio that might be of interest to someone.

BTW: the photos are not very clear due to a lens problem, and will update when I get better images.

The following are posted for auction on ebay this week. These rose studies were painted exploring the use of different colors on my palette and experiencing the difference between silk and real flowers. The smaller paintings  are best suited for a table top easel.

Title: Late Bloomer - SOLD

Title: Hurry Before They Wilt - SOLD

Title: Just Like Liz's Cobalt Kitchen Vase
Donated to Fundraiser for Village Steps

Title: Red Silk Roses - SOLD

Title: Yellow Silk Roses - SOLD

Thanks for viewing.