Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Illusion of Space in Painting...

Here it is the end of March 2015, 1/4 of the year already behind us.
I recently challenged myself with the idea of conveying more space in my paintings. It came about because my daughter mentioned that some of the images I've done tend to look more dimensional than others so the analytical side kicked in to discover why - my left brain had something interesting to do that supports the right side!! Holistic brain functioning should keep it happy, don't ya think?

This image is still on the easel for ongoing work, and I will not say this grouping is the most beautiful I've ever done, but it did teach me something about texture, and the illusion of  'space'. One point being the background value in relation to the foreground.

It also taught me the importance of choosing the right objects to support the idea I wish to demonstrate as well. This is a great exercise, and so happy about the newly developed  understanding.

I will be adjusting the background, and the value relationships to the foreground. My focus on the texture of objects got me off track a little so will also soften up some edges.

Obviously, this point of view is halfway between eye level and looking down on the table top for a basic starting point so I will be adjusting the height of my table to be higher and/or lower for continued study of spacial relationships in a painting.

9 x 12 Oil on Canvas Panel
© 2015

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