Monday, May 28, 2012

"Paint Two Images..."

Earlier this year as I was waking one morning, to my amazement a voice said "paint two images for over the bed". No matter how mysterious or mundane it seemed, it did not seem like my own voice or my own idea. It was very odd like a direct order, and there was and is no doubt it is something I'd better do.

Since then, the many small images I have been selling on-line were in part intended to get control of my materials in preparation to begin the project. Every time I felt doubt creep in I'd get a little reminder so as not to forget about the project.

I've thought about content - subject matter, composition, and color. Searched for visual inspiration and discovered many possibilities. Oh yes, I have done some praying about this project and expect more answers as I begin to work and make it tangible.

For the next few weeks I'll be painting less for on-line sales while I work on this unexpected  'commissioned work' and will post my progress. I have selected some source materials to start my studies.

Now I am ready to begin...

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