Monday, July 02, 2012

"Nuts & Bolts"

I made a goal for this year to find my voice as an artist. You know, the kind that shows in the work we do, and I think I am on track. My painting has taken on a different look from past years, but the 'voice' has shown up in another and very unexpected way. The first experience was when I heard the words "paint two images..."

Well, I woke this morning and heard from that new inner voice - the words "Nuts and Bolts"! My first thought was what in the world am I suppose to do with that??

So I looked up the the definition of 'nuts and bolts' - detailed practical information about how something works or how something can be accomplished

Hmmmmm... could this be referring to learning how to paint? I'm thinking maybe to let this message settle a little for more clarity, because my response to this idea is - do I know enough and have skill enough to teach again?

I did some teaching for awhile several years back when I had a business called 'the Countryside Studio'. The photo below is the entry.

It was located in a space I rented for a full year and had great ambiance. Barn board siding and walls, large tall windows, a large fireplace in the middle of the front area, and plenty of room in the back room for easels, models and still life setup and of course students. It was really a dream come true... until the owner's family lost their mom and had to make some family decisions. This of course influenced my plans. Nevertheless, it was a great experience and a whole lot of fun to say the least. I painted everyday and taught about three times per week. This next photo is the fireplace.

After about a year, things were going well with the studio, but my personal life took a bit of a down-turn about the same time - it was like the perfect storm, but by the grace of God, I am still here.

Maybe I'll prepare for a formal studio and teaching again; preparing now so I can be ready in the fall.

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