Sunday, July 01, 2012

Plein Air - First Day Results...

Here's a photo of the scene I chose from the first day of plein air painting this past week. It is a little overexposed, and of course the normal changes between sunshine and cloud cover was part of the experience so nothing new there... BTW, the bugs were out and wouldn't you know I forgot the repellent!

Deep Lake Dock Photo

The resulting field sketch here is a little loose and undefined... but a good reference for later. Found something pleasing to my eye...

Deep Lake Dock Field Sketch
6 x 8 on Canvas Panel
© 2012 (June)

And the finished study from the studio... I so enjoy doing these! You can purchase this at Daily Paintworks.

Deep Lake Dock Final
6 x 8 on Canvas Panel
© 2012 (June)

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