Monday, July 23, 2012

Some Things About Online Auctions

Victorian Rose

The online auction scene has been great as a first step for me to get my work out and seen by as many eyes as possible. The images are small and starting prices have been set low for a couple reasons. One is to keep the art affordable as to entice a sale - so even folks on a small budget can buy an art piece; and also to see how the value is perceived by someone who buys because they really like and want the painting - not just because it is cheap.

However, I learned that getting them seen by people is a puzzle sometimes, and has a lot to do with how it is listed to fit the searches people do.

One of my buyers who is also my biggest fan right now taught me this lesson. She said originally she found me by 'accident' and then put me in her favorites, but shared with me how she did her searches. BIG HELP!!!!

I finally figured out that sometimes using the same words in the title/description as in the search labels and tags is a good way to be found.

If you my dear reader have any other helpful ideas that you'd like to share to get the work in front of more eyes, please let me know.

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  1. Your paintings are really lovely.
    Glad I found this blog. I have stayed away from the auctions because the first time I did it was for a fundraiser and I accidentally put 5 instead of 50 dollars on it and didn't know how to change it.The painting went for 7 dollars. No help to the funraiser at all!
    I have been working on improving my search labels and since placing "daily painter" and "blog" on there too may have helped.