Saturday, August 17, 2013

Master Study II - Rubens

The first time I did a master study was of the painting by Antonio Mancini, titled Resting.

This time I chose a painting by Peter Paul Rubens, titled The Last Supper. I am so taken by this one painting, that I view it every time I visit the Seattle Art Museum.
This link
will take you to the SAM web page of the image.

There are several other studies and paintings of this subject that Rubens and other painters have done throughout history, but this ONE I find incredibly special.

The perspective and arrangement of the group of men (the disciples) listening to the words  of Jesus (Yeshua, their rabbi and spirital teacher) is so perfectly presented. It literally elevates the importance of the words he is conveying to them. It is as if he is telling them a secret, and I want to hear too. The movement, and use of color are simply beautiful.

The Last Supper - Rubens (borrowed from web images)

Part of my motivation to paint this is to build on my understanding of the geometry in classical painting. So since Rubens is not taking any new live students at this time, I was trying to figure out how to obtain an image that would be more helpful than a printout of a web image. Then I decided to contact the Seattle Art Museum to see if they could assist.

Yes, was their reply!

I agreed to sign a use agreement, and for a small fee, they will send me an image through the mail that I will use for reference. I can hardly wait to get started! Thank you Seattle Art Museum.

OMGosh! I better get started on sizing and stretching my canvas...

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