Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mums with Large Vase and Ginger Jar

Did I say I joined the 30 day challenge?

Yes I did, and I finally have 'a' painting that I can actually claim to have painted this month!

I worked on this about three days and I am going to make it count even though I finished on day 12... Geezzzzz
 To continue...
I worked on this with a very limited palette. I was intended to try the 'Zorn Palette', but found it less appealing the more I worked with it. Soooooo... instead of using ivory black, I mixed my black with transparent red oxide and ultramarine blue. I tuned my yellow ochre with some cadmium yellow light, and used only a small bit of vermillion which I did not change, and actually only used a smidge of it since the TRO was more useful on this arrangement. Last, but not least, included in the 'Zorn Palette' is white.

My point in this explanation is that a limited palette can be a blessing when it comes to creating harmony, but also a darn curse if you crave more color as I did in this painting.

(The blue areas would have been black and shades of gray if I didn't make the changes explained earlier.)

Mums in Large Vase w/Small Ginger Jar - SOLD
11 x 14 Oil on Canvas Panel
@ 2013

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  1. I'm with you Roseanne. I like using the Zorn palette (Ivory black, Titanium white, Yellow ochre and Cad Red Medium), but I find it quite limiting when I want to paint a landscape with a blue sky. So I've added ultramarine to my palette and now I love it. Nice painting by the way.