Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Why is Art Good for Us?!?

I for one knows first hand how good it feels to create something. You may call it 'art' or 'craft', and there's truly no need to be perfect; it is a process of discovery, and just really does enhance the life experience.

If you want more than just my word on this, there are many articles that can articulate the benefits with far more words, and scientific details!!

Don't know how long the following articles will be available, just think they are worth sharing.

A visit to the museum to simply look art -

How your brain benefits from making art/craft -

How kids' learning skills benefit -

Here are three quick portrait studies done from life... artEast in Issaquah, WA has live models regularly on Mondays, and offers other workshops that you might enjoy.

I do not limit making art just to visual art - I consider music, writing, and other
forms of positive creative expression to be every bit as important.

NOW GO MAKE SOME ART!!!, do your best,
and someday you just might create something great!

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