Sunday, January 27, 2013

Love painting garlic...

So here is the next little painting for the 30 day paint 'everyday' challenge. As promised, I put in fewer objects. I could render more detail since the subject could be larger to fill in the space.

Yes, I love painting garlic - the round and oval shapes are just too irresistible. I also did a dramatic color rendering while using a more muted background for a change. My kitchen tile has the background blue color with the burgundy accents. BTW, my kitchen also has a lots of beige tones (walls and counter top) so these colors do not seem overwhelming in the kitchen.

I like this little painting more than expected, and fewer objects in a small painting certainly has its benefits.

Colorful Garlic
7 x 5 Oil on Canvas Panel
© 2013


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    1. Hello Margaret - Thanks for taking time to comment. Nice to know you are in Scotland and we share the same love of painting.