Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Still Life - Footstool w/ Book

Well I proceeded with the still life I began a few days ago and this is the current result... whether I toss it or make some changes is yet to be determined.

In any case, my intent was to follow through with this effort... it's more like a quick study illustration to me than a 'beautiful painting'.

The charcoal drawing in the previous post had more drama even with the compositional challenges. What I love tho is the shadow of the candle stick on the left - the distortion is interesting.

Footstool w/ Book
9 x 7 Oil on Canvas Board
© 2013
I used the adapted Zorn palette again. I think the flower could be smaller, and the wine glass seems too busy. Those would be the main changes I would make with this. A more simple wine glass without all the faceted cuts that catch the light in strange ways. I'll also adjust the shadow color under the left side of the footstool.

2 hours later: could not leave it for tomorrow... had to make a few changes today - here's the result. Less detail in the wine glass/check! Slightly smaller flower/check! If I ever start another from scratch, I'd make it a bud instead of full bloom. Little darker in left side shadow under the footstool/check! Now I can do something else!

Revised Image

Several Days Later: had a change of mind on the  tone of the green foot stool. It seemed to be competing with the flower.

Revised Image 2


  1. What a great job you did. Especially with the Zorn palette which usually is not quite as colorful, but I went back and read how you modified it and I could see how it helped make the difference. I do agree that working with a limited palette makes for wonderful color harmony - as this shows.

  2. Julie - you are very kind. ;o) If you happen to revisit this post, I'd be interested in your impression of the changes. I learned something about being too literal.