Saturday, January 10, 2015

30/30 Challenge - A Change Coming On - Day 10

WOW! This 30/30 Challenge is 1/3 complete!
Have to say it has been a great experience so far, and am mostly able to get this accomplished because of fewer unwanted distractions in my life. Yay!!!

Day 10

This little painting includes some changes on my palette.

After doing some preliminary mixing to test some combinations, I removed the Prussian blue, and will be using Manganese blue instead and will allow for some substitutions.
(The substitutions are so I can use up some of the tubes in my collection of paints.)
© 2015 - Manganese

My palette now has Cad Yellow Light (interchange with lemon yellow), Indian Yellow, Cad Scarlet (interchange with Pyrol Red or cad red light), Quinacridone Magenta (interchange with Alizarin Crimson or Permanent Rose), Ultramarine blue (as usual), and the Manganese blue (interchange with Cerulean blue or possibly Sevres blue). I will also include Yellow Ochre and Transparent Red Oxide and White (will be trying variations of this too). There may be occasion that I'll use a touch of Ivory Black because when mixed with yellows it makes some interesting greens.

To review these first ten days...
Setting a time limit for working on a study... this is good sometimes, and not so good
at other times. If I want to measure to see where I am with my sight skills, it's a good thing. However, if I want to learn something while exploring the possibilities of technique, then 'no thanks'; that's when I want to stand at that easel for as long as it takes for me to get my 'aha moment'.
© 2015 Grayscale
Values are starting to recording more easily when looking at color. Still do not get it the first time everytime, but with practice it does get easier.
© 2015 - Desaturate
Tip: Try using 'de-saturate' when converting to check for values, also use 'grayscale' to check for values - see which is more faithful to the information of the various steps. If you like, you can also use 'posterize' to flatten the value shapes and see if it relates to the way you first put down your basic value shapes before the details.

© 2015 - Posterized

Materials always seem to be changing to fit the desired end result. With this in mind, and after using a variety of canvas types, brush types, and colors, I am learning my preferences, and as a result, more of the preliminary thinking is taking care of itself. This is a plus and HUGE time saver.

Working Without Judgement is so liberating. No pressure, no feeling like I have to perform in a particular way... I can explore the what ifs, and claim the discoveries as my own, even if someone else has already figured it out. I must encourage you to take at least a few hours each week to do something similar. There will be no failure; only a lesson learned!

And finally the Changes I decide to make on my palette or choice of brushes and ground for painting are based on a real understanding of what the heck I'm doing and why. This is a priceless place to be...  I so appreciate my past instructors for giving me the boost to get started (a future blog topic), and yet to make a choice for this process selecting what materials, and exploring the technique is the most honest way for me to work!

A huge thanks to the readers with me on this 30/30 challenge. This first 10 days, I hope have been helpful to you in some way too.

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