Tuesday, January 20, 2015

30/30 Challenge - Solitary Onion - Day 20

We (meaning all the participants in the challenge) are two-thirds of the way complete!!
I must say, I am feeling several emotions ranging from panic to relief that we are on the home stretch... just 10 more days to create/paint something and get it posted. I've learned more than a few things about myself and the painting process.

So for today, it's a solitary onion that sprouted after sitting in the studio for weeks! Nothing about the materials changed except I used Senso clear acrylic primed canvas.

Day 20

Didn't make much fuss - just wanted to paint what I saw paying particular attention to reflected light. I plan to work with this idea in the future and consider the direct light, the reflected light, as well as the ambient light. There really is a difference and especially noticeable when working with 'whitish' objects. I will be more deliberate about setting things up next time I work on this idea.

The background in this photo shows more color intensity than the actual painting. I'm thinking my camera may need some adjusting, as well as figuring out a fool-proof way to get rid of the darn glare.

Since, I'm tired and hungry right now, I'm calling it a wrap!!


  1. Such a beautiful onion. I especially love the green tops.
    I understand about blues becoming more dominant than it actually is. - red is another color hard to capture. I have to desaturate and it still can be difficult.

  2. Something beautiful abut a simple white object but the green at top is what really turns me on. Love this piece.
    I had commented on this before but I think when I do it from my phone it doesn't always work. Like it enough to come back and make sure you know this one is great.

    1. Just found the reply feature... so funny how we can see what's right in front of our noses sometimes. Thank you for the encouragement; it means so much to me.

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