Saturday, January 17, 2015

30/30 Challenge-One of Those 'DogGone' Days-Day 16

I hope you'll for give the following entry, but I had some stinkin' issues to work out!

Day 16 

Izzy ©2015
I'm sure you've had one of those mornings when the unexpected throws off the entire day's plan... and believe me, I have had a couple of strange days causing a lot of  interruption to my painting time...

My sweet dog Izzy, got into the cat's food. I use one of those automatic feeders because the cat is an all-day nibbler. To continue, Izzy has a real problem with food and controlling herself when it comes to anything edible. She usually isn't alone near the cat food long enough to get away with this, and I'm not quite sure how much cat food she actually consumed, but it left its mark.

I hate the word 'diarrhea', and with good reason. For two days she had the worst possible kind, and I woke up to quite a mess - she just couldn't control that end either! Mind you, she NEVER has accidents in the house so this was an event of horrible proportions, literally. UGH!

As you might imagine, it took awhile to clean things up, but she is much better now and things are getting back to normal. I will warn you though, cat food isn't just richer than dog food, it is down right TOXIC to some dogs so be watchful if you have a mixed household.

This painting isn't finished as you see, but it did help me work out my upset with Izzy... does she look remorseful enough to be forgiven?


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