Saturday, January 24, 2015

30/30 Challenge - Madalyn Start - Day 24

I've been wanting to paint a photo of my granddaughter for literally years! I misplaced it about 5 years ago, and searched for it countless times with no success... 'sigh'

Finally, while just goofing around in a stack of colored paper, and 'what not', it popped up! I was so pleased - in fact, thrilled that it hadn't been destroyed?

Now it's duplicated and stored in a safe place... and I can start the painting process. She's older now, but I just love this pose of her and can hardly wait to finish it to hang on the wall.

Day 24 

Worked out a few sketches for value patterns, and just had to lay down a oil sketch before doing anything else. I will do a few more studies, but wanted to share this with you now.

Doesn't she look like an 'adorable baby doll'?

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