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30/30 Challenge - Values - Days 1 thru 3

I decided to join this challenge (30/30 Day Challenge) to re-inforce my determination to paint more in 2015... my posts won't be daily, to ensure I do not spend too much time posting more than necessary; and it might make for more interesting reading.

I will likely be posting unfinished paintings along with some that may get to the finished stage. My main goal is to paint or draw each day, but also will use this as a study tool and working on various elements in art. Will also be exploring materials.

These first were each given a short time with the idea of translating them later into B/W images to check my values. As you may already know, seeing correct values in colored paint is one of the biggest obstacles a painter faces. This is one exercise that I'll be repeating in various subjects to see if it makes a difference on how I see the values.

I know the reader will be at a disadvantage not able to see things in person, and there is some undesirable glare from the lighting - but here we go... and hopefully it will give you some ideas to work on too.

Subject: Values/Apples - keeping things basic to start.

Day 1
Using lighter a background to see if I can still pull off the value relationships. I do see the relationships and think maybe the values could be pushed a bit more... The light I used on the setup wasn't very strong light so this is about right and true to what was there. The halo around the shadow was actually there...

I think these apples have more detail than I needed to show.
Day 2
Once again with the apples... about the same today. I remember that nothing in shadow should be as light as the area(s) in the light. Since I used a light background, it will be a bit more difficult to follow this rule.

Less detail, and notice the yellowish spot doesn't show separately
from the red shadow area.

Day 3
Third try on the apples with the same setup including the lower lighting. Hmmm... except for the highlights, the background is still picking up more light than the rule would suggest.  Now, I really do wonder about that rule... will try apples again later in the month with a stronger lamp to see if it makes a difference. My thoughts are that this rule applies with each object, and not necessarily all object collectively in the entire painting.

NEXT comes playing around... ever wonder what to do with all those studies that will never be sold and likely tossed in the garbage in the very near future? How about wallpaper or quilting pattern ideas!  ;o)

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